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Artist Profile

Catherine Tempest, Visual artist, Tutor.

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I adore spending time with screen printers - they are such cool people!

I provide instructional workshops for anyone who wants to learn how to create screen prints on paper. I have tutored at an open access printmaking workshop in Newcastle, Australia for three years and now offer workshops, studio time and photo stencil services from my own studio called TASS. To see the type of workshops I provide, go to TASS Screenprint Studio.

I have studied Art Theory and Visual Art and have a background in computer training for adults.

My current and recent projects include curating and organising exhibitions, as well as a contemporary drawing project for my exchange semester at Aberystwyth University in Wales - details on the Projects page. I have recently opened my own fully equipped serigraphy studio, which you can read about on the Screenprint Studio page. My six week residency with Lighthouse Arts at Nobbys-Whibayganba Headland, Newcastle, NSW was another highlight of 2021.


I use photographic and autographic elements to capture my personal view of the world in a two dimensional form. I draw on places and faces to illustrate human emotion and behaviour, to freeze moments in time, and ponder our destiny. The daily rituals of life and interactions of people provide the foundation for my drawings, photographs and prints, exploring the transitional quality of life as a small cycle within a much greater planetary cycle of life. 

Perceptions of reality are in constant flux, ever shifting and changing to present themselves as something new and different. One person sees shapes, light, and colour, forming a reality inside their mind, different to anyone else’s version of reality. My work is about my life, here and now, the world as it appears to me, through my perceptions, giving the viewer the chance to see what I see. 

I choose from a variety of techniques to render an image, often, however, I find serigraphy the most versatile of all. Serigraphy can produce fine fluid lines, large bold areas of colour as well as texture. I have been teaching serigraphy in an open access printmaking workshop in Newcastle, Australia for nearly three years. I encourage the participants to work together in class, in keeping with the collaborative tradition of printmaking. 

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